Book Review: How to Read a Suit by Lydia Edwards

'For the past four hundred years, men in western countries have used the three- or two-piece suit - jacket and trousers, often with a waistcoat - to express [...] identity, and as such it has become a universal symbol of masculinity.'[1] Menswear. For me, historically and notoriously difficult to read. I think in part, because … Continue reading Book Review: How to Read a Suit by Lydia Edwards

Collaboration: whatgrandmawore and whatsaroxy

This post is the third in a collaborative project with Netherlands-based artist Roxy van Bemmel (@whatsaroxy). This scheme sees Bemmel interpret garments from museum collections through a contemporary and abstract eye. Historical context about the piece chosen for analysis is provided by whatgrandmawore. Painting of a woman with a 19th century evening dress from the … Continue reading Collaboration: whatgrandmawore and whatsaroxy